The reason kids yogurts is the ideal snack for children

Yogurt has been an essential component of Greek diet for centuries, with its beneficial properties being known since antiquity. There are references by historian Herodotus and […]

Does milk help a child to grow taller?

It may be a concern for most parents, but if there was a magic food that helps a child gain height then I guess…we would all […]

Kids breakfast: make it delicious but nutritious too!

You generally know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but now you can also learn that it offers greater school performance for […]

Vitamin D and its importance for children

It may be known to you as the “vitamin of the sun” since it is composed on our skin after sun exposure. In this way, our […]

What do you do when your child does not drink its milk?

How often does your child refuse to drink its milk, causing you to have legendary fights? If you change your strategy, you will make it with […]

Psychomotor growth in children 1-3 years of age

It is expected that parents want to know more about their children’s psychomotor progress. But they often fall in this trap of comparing their children’s skills […]

Eating in front of the TV screen – pros and cons

How many times have you been tempted to have your child watch its favorite cartoon on TV or the phone or the tablet while you are […]

My child is very energetic. Does it really cover its dietary needs?

It’s very positive if your child is able to stay active in a society where, according to evidence, the majority of preschool children lead a sedentary […]

Kids breakfast: make it delicious but nutritious too!

We have all heard of the popular saying “eat breakfast like a king”. But this doesn’t necessarily mean large quantities of food as many might think, […]

When your child is a picky eater

“What are these green little things”, “pew, what is that smell”, “but I am not hungry”…have you also heard your child complaining like this about their […]

The habit of having breakfast in toddlers

Amongst many other things that, as a parent, you have to teach your child, is the concept of a well-balanced diet and healthy dietary habits, such […]

Milk after the 12th month: Fortified or not?

Nature itself has provided for the best diet for our children, which is breast milk. If for some reason you cannot continue with breastfeeding, the next […]

Are you measuring your child’s weight correctly?

It is very impressive that one in three mothers who think they can guess their child’s weight, normally fail to guess correctly since they think that […]

Food supplements for children

The market sells several and different types of food supplements for children such as capsules, jellies, powders etc., which aim at covering their needs. But the […]


September 30, 2020

Lactose intolerance and kids milk

Milk is a basic ingredient for children’s diet because it’s rich in nutrients (calcium, vitamin D, protein, fat) that are essential for healthy growth. But what […]
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