The top-quality and highly nutritious pure Organic Greek milk is the
foundation for OLYMPOS Bio Children’s Nutrition range!
OLYMPOS bio range uniquely combines the pure Greek Organic Milk
with all the necessary nutrients that children need for growth and development,
as part of a balanced diet.

With guarantee.

Based on its long lasting experience on producing pure, top-quality and highly nutritional Greek milk since 1965 and in order to offer the best nutrition for all kids, OLYMPOS created OLYMPOS bio, for children as of their 12th month.
OLYMPOS bio milk drinks and yoghurt desserts are produced with the purest greek organic milk, in accordance with the most recent guidelines of the European and Greek Pediatric Associations on children nutrition.
Therefore, OLYMPOS bio offers the safety of pure greek organic milk as well as all necessary nutrients for healthy growth, as part of a balanced diet.
The naturally safest option for your child’s healthy growth and development!

Top-quality and highly nutritious raw materials are the foundation for children nutrition products

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